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TAME Virtual - The Virtual Airline of Ecuador.

Month´s winning photoThis month´s winning photo, by: Jorge Maldonado

Events and Miscellaneous:

- 5 Year Tame Virtual, Sunday, September 25th from 2100z – 16:00 pm Ecuadorian Time.


5 Years Tame Virtual Event!

Evento 5

We invite you all to participate flying all routes using the complete Tame Virtual Fleet.
We will have full ATC coverage in Ecuador thanks to Guayaquil FIR, and our neighboring countries will be providing ATC coverage as well.

We expect to have massive participation in the ongoing celebration of our fifth operations anniversary. We will award two extra hours to the flight logs of the Pilots who fly during the event, any route or plane, in accordance to Tame Virtual's rulings.

We wish to express our welcome to our new Tame Virtual's Event Manager, Jorge Nájera, who is premiering his new position with this great event. You can contact him at eventos@tamevirtual.org with suggestions or comments for new events for our airline.

We will be waiting for you!

Pictures of Tame Virtual's Fourteenth Pilot's Reunion – 5 Years!

We are celebrating our fifth year in operations big time. With more than 62 participants at our fourteenth meeting, it shows that we are growing continuously, while hitting a new record for our airline. We are proud that the Meeting was a complete success, but we keep our compromise to keep improving every day. Surprises like the visit to the Embraer 190 together with Commander Espinosa of Tame, as well as the visits to the FAE's C130 and B727-100 and prize draws marked this great reunion were once again Tame Virtual brought together Ecuador's biggest online community with people from across the country.

We had great moments relaxing, acquiring knowledge and fun. We enjoyed a great meal at the FAE official's mess and performed demonstration flights at what has become our meeting room at the air base, which this year got even smaller.

Once again we wish to express our thanks to Tame EP and to Coronel Antonio Puga for their help and openness for Tame Virtual.

We will see us once again at our fifteenth reunion, and let's go on for many years to come.

The pictures can be found at the following link www.foro.tamevirtual.org/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1225 or in the Multimedia Section – Pictures.

Second surprise on our fifth anniversary

ATR42-500 Tame

After a proper goodbye to the Embraer 120, with more than fifteen flights to the airplane that was our training aircraft for many of us, now is the time to welcome the new member of our active fleet, the ATR42-500 with the following specs:

Passenger capacity: 50 seats
Engines: Pratt&Whitney 127M
Maximum Takeoff Thrust: 2.400 HP per engine
Maximum Takeoff Weight: 18.600 kg
Maximum Payload: 5.500 kg
Maximum Range at full load: 801 nautical miles (1483 km)

As many of you know, Tame has bought three aircrafts of this type, first of which will arrive at the end of September. These aircraft are aimed at reopening routes, create new ones and keep with its function as a service to the Ecuadorian people. This airplanes will operate as a "low cost" carrier in the routes previously operated with the Embraer 120, like Tulcan, Macas, Portoviejo. We will fly, once Tame starts operations, the routes to Tena, Macas, Loja, etc.

It is of great joy for Tame Virtual as part of our fifth anniversary to provide you with the BETA version of this aircraft, which as has been always our characteristic, has a complete panel, realistic sounds, real performance, detailed high quality model, etc. This work has been performed by Rodolfo Estrella, our new ATR42-500 fleet chief and by our General Manager Nicolás Larenas. This version, which is still BETA, will be subject to many improvements, so we ask you to be alert for future updates. For now here you will find the ATR42-500 with the first registration number HC-CLT, as well as the probable painting it will have when arriving our country.

The airplane is ready for download at our Private Zone – Downloads – Fleet.

Any news or idea please report to atr@tamevirtual.org

Welcome ATR42-500.

Let us start the celebrations for our Fifth anniversary

Dear Pilots,

Today we begin the celebration of our five years of operations. We have to mention that it has been five successful years at all stages, and because of that we have decided to start our celebration with a long flight, taking our airline colors across the skies of South America. The Charter Capital City Tour Tame Virtual Fifth Anniversary will take us through 19 legs, among known airports, new and difficult ones, as well as some unusual places. We will fly more than 9400 miles and we will fly more than 30 hours in our airplanes. Flight plans and fuel calculations have been done based upon the Airbus A320 with a Cost Index of 8 by Cristian Caicedo, winner of the Facebook Weekly Charter Contest. Please add to the Remark of your flight plan it's name: Tame Virtual Fifth Anniversary South American Capital City Tour.

In the PACK that you can download you will find flight plans with fuel calculations, recommended flight levels and routes, as well as charts of the available airports and links to find the scenaries. www.tamevirtual.org/Charter%20Tour%20Capitales.zip

Let's Celebrate!

New Aircraft in our Historic Fleet


We have a new member to our historic fleet; it is the great DC-6B that operated for Tame in the 70's with great success. This aircraft proved to be very reliable and with great capabilities. Now and thanks to the work done by our historic fleet chief, Rodolfo Estrella, we provide you with the FULL PACK of this aircraft, which includes: real and detailed panel, real sounds, full animated model and TAME textures.

This aircraft is available at our Private Zone – Downloads – Historic Fleet. We hope that you will enjoy this aircraft as much as we enjoyed developing it and with the special authorization of it's authors for you. We wish to thank Greg Pepper and Tom Gibson, creators of the original model for the authorization to use it in our airline.

Let us fly like in the old times!

Send us your suggestions by clicking HERE

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TAME Virtual is an airline that works virtually only and does not operate in real life, this is a non-lucrative group.